1. extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.


It has to be said that January is my least favourite month of the year. With all of the merriment of Christmas and the positivity that the New Year seems to induce in every one of us (until around the 8th January when we all give up on our overambitious resolutions and begin to question why on earth we thought that ‘dry January’ was a good idea), is well and truly over, all this miserable month has to offer now is freezing cold weather, grey skies and sad looking bank balances. Needless to say I am SO over winter now and long for some signs of lovely, fresh (and warm) Spring.

Which leads me to tell you all about a little moment of joy I experienced whilst having a  wander around the TU home section in Sainsbury’s recently. Now I have always had a soft spot for TU, their in house designers always seem to get it right when it comes to implementing the current seasonal trends into their homeware ranges and I will always champion any high street shop that can offer you a range that is both stylish and affordable. So as I wandered around the shop I came across a brand new range ‘Ethereal’ and let me tell you it really is!

So the design concept behind the range “mixes Scandinavian inspiration and mid-century style” which is genius in itself as these two trends are seriously hot right now. Modern Scandi was huge in 2016 and is still standing its ground thanks to the latest craze of HYGGE (which in case you wondered is pronounced hoo-gah) a Danish interior design trend which identifies with cosy contentment and taking measures to transform your living space into a Nordic, minimalist sanctuary. Mid-century design consists of clean, simple lines and unfussy finishes and so compliments all things Scandinavian beautifully.

I was instantly drawn towards the beautiful crockery they have in this range with a magnetic type force and immediately picked up a couple of mugs that I instantly adored. Now they may look like they are nothing special but I’ll tell you why I love them. The nature inspired design and soft colour palette immediately made me think of Spring (yay!). A cute Scandi style flower motif on one and moreish texture in a earthy green shade on the other, is simple yes but so stylish and beautiful. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was something about these mugs that made me feel both inspired and happy, so much so that I thought it was about time that I started writing a blog!

Design giants, Elle décor have recently forecast a new trend for 2017 ‘Artisanal’ which is set to replace the Pinterest DIY craze which has dominated for many years now, with a rise in demand for homeware that has been hand crafted by a skilled professional with the use of high quality materials. Now I’m not saying that these mugs are artisan by any means but the green mug, part of the Ethereal crockery range which TU have called ‘raw base’, is made using fine china which gives it a slightly opulent feel and the almost stoneware appearance and detail of the texture does have hints of a somewhat artisanal style quality. Perhaps this is an ambiguous way of TU subtlety hinting at this new trend, minus the craftsman’s studio.


Of course this range isn’t just limited to cups, this was just my starting point and what first grabbed my attention. I was soon indulging in a look around the rest of the range, which features many more items of homeware all based around the same design concept and also features some warmer pops of colour such as sunshine yellow and turquoise blue, which reinforce that lovely Spring feeling even more so. Unfortunately my January bank balance restricted me from buying any other things from there that day but I will almost certainly be back for another look around soon. If Spring isn’t quite ready to arrive just yet then my motto for now will just have to be “bring Spring in”.

Here is some more of the range to inspire you, feast your eyes my lovelies…





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