In my professional practise as a designer I wouldn’t say that I religiously implement the latest design trends into all of my work. Design trends primarily occur on an annual basis but do alter slightly every season, much like the fashion on the catwalks. Each client has different needs and preferences and sometimes the current trends just don’t suit the individual design brief. Equally in my own home I don’t necessarily style each room based around the latest design crazes, I am a huge fan of mixing styles and injecting unique and quirky elements into a space, so I often go against the grain but I do fall for certain trends from time to time (like I had and still do have a bit of a mad obsession with all things geometric, a trend that was big in 2016 but is slowly becoming a little less relevant this year).

However having said that, I do take a great interest in the arrival of new design trends and styling techniques and almost constantly have my head in the latest copy of Living etc or scrolling through the latest blogs on Elle décor, absorbing the forecasts for future trends and taking some level of inspiration from the latest crazes. After all, as important as it is to have your own style, it would be foolish of me to completely ignore any of the latest trends, right!

Which leads me onto the subject of this post, the biggest colour trend of 2017…


Now for those of you who are wondering, Pantone is a corporation headquartered in New Jersey, USA and basically they are the leading experts when it comes to predicting colour trends, they are the ‘colour trend oracle’ if you like. All interior designers and stylists wait in anticipation for their annual ‘colour of the year’ forecast, which is usually announced in December every year and reflects the global view point on the movement on colour across current and future trends for the new year ahead.


“A refreshing and revitalising shade, greenery is symbolic of new beginnings” – Pantone


Now it has to said that 2016 wasn’t exactly the best of years and lets be honest, most of the world is feeling a bit downtrodden as we have landed into 2017. The reason that this particular shade of green is relevant to this is largely to do with what it symbolises. It has been described as a fresh, optimistic colour which signifies Spring and new beginnings and which in turn encourages us to embrace this new year with a more positive outlook. With the current unsettlement of the world’s political and social environment, quite honestly aren’t we all craving a bit of positivity now?

Forbes magazine have summed up a description of this colour beautifully concluding that – “Greenery calls to mind the ‘re’ words REFRESH, REVIVE, RESTORE, RENEW, REPLENISH, REGENERATE, REJUVINATE, REINVIGORATE, RE-OXYGENATE”


Now I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy a load of green paint for your walls and buy every bit of green homeware and décor that you can get your hands on…

But why not have a go at embracing this new colour trend in your own way, whether it be with a bold statement or a subtler approach, perhaps our much loved modern neutral ‘grey’ could do with a bit of livening up this year. If you are feeling up to the challenge, why not have a go at incorporating some of this luscious green colour into your home and here’s to a much happier and greener 2017.


Do you dare to go bold with a statement piece of furniture like this 1958 two seater sofa by Oliver Bonas


Or perhaps you would prefer to revitalise your décor with a more subtle statement like this Mosaic Wool Throw from Ville & Champagne

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