The subject of today’s blog looks at another trend forecast for 2017 and one that has got me particularly excited – “raw white”.

In amongst the more prominent of design predictions, raw white is rumoured to be a hot trend this year, much to my delight because…it’s my absolute favourite!

Now I know that some of you may be thinking but white is just white but I am here to tell you that in fact there are too many shades of white to even name (yes really!). I’m not going to give you all a lesson in the different shades of white, rather give you an introduction to the dreamiest whites of them all…



                                                          BONE WHITE                 CHALK WHITE                          


These perfectly imperfect whites are both naturally and organically inspired and pared back, as opposed to slick and polished and although this colourless shade is almost certainly neutral beyond comparison, ‘raw whites’ which reflect a chalky or bone like quality offer the prospect of a more earthy and homemade vibe to the home.

But why is this set to be such a hot trend for this year, why is raw white so relevant now? Well I’ll give you a clue, I’m staring at one right now…

In truth most of us spend a large proportion of our day staring at a screen of some sort, be it a computer, a mobile phone or a television and many design experts believe that we are becoming more and more desensitised to textures, more specifically natural textures.



We are all in need of some more tactile texture and these types of white, with their wholesome and raw properties look simply stunning when used in the form of textured surfaces and finishes, as opposed to the all too familiar flat, glossy white which feels so much more sterile and has fast become the generic face of one of our modern neutrals over the years.



I upcycled a wooden vintage desk that I bought around a year ago from an antique dealer, using Annie Sloane Chalk Paint and the results were beautiful. I love the chalky, unfinished look that the desk now has, it feels new but hasn’t lost any of its character and its chalky surface is calming and natural.



With nature inspired trends such as modern boho and scandi still dominant in the world of interior design, home décor and paints which offer these raw white shades and organic textures are easy to source and I am looking forward to adding a bit more texture to my own home to cancel out some of the flat screens which seem almost impossible to avoid.

Here are some examples to inspire you my lovelies…






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