Throws, Throws, Throws…



This week I’m going to talk to you about the wonderful concept of styling with throws. I can’t champion this idea enough because it is so simple and so affordable that literally anyone can do it, which is fabulous!

Aside from cushions, I would say that using throws is the easiest and most effective way to dress either a bed, a chair, a sofa or even a table. They offer different colours, textures, styles and detailing and can really bring a scheme together as well as adding more aesthetic depth.



This neutral white chair greets the contrasting colours of the two throws, helping to create a much stronger aesthetic and a more unique style.



I for one am a bit of a wimp when it comes to buying large upholstered items of furniture for example, a sofa. I wouldn’t be brave enough to go for a bold print or a bright colour, for fear of it being too overbearing or it becoming dated too quickly, which could be an expensive mistake to make. If you are like me and you have opted for a plain or neutral coloured sofa, then throws are for you! You really can give your sofa a new lease of life with an injection of colour or texture, which will help to soften the hard edges and introduce more depth and comfort, without having to fork out a fortune.



Spring may have just sprung and you may be thinking, isn’t the point of having a throw on the sofa so you can snuggle up on those chilly winter evenings…but turn that idea on its head and you will soon realise that this concept is in fact transeasonal and not restricted to practicality alone but can also play a part in the styling and visual impact of a room.

Do you have a recurring colour which features in a room, for example in cushions, a lampshade or even a vase? Why not introduce a throw in the same colour to promote continuity and enhance the definition. Does the room have lots of colour but lack any depth? Why not introduce a throw which features some texture or detailing such as pom poms or tassels to lift the scheme and broaden the overall aesthetic. The same rule applies with a recurring pattern or texture as well…


Colour Coordinating with Emerald Green



Pattern continuity in the cushions and throw



Use throws with bolder patterns or textures to add vibrancy and a livelier aesthetic or plainer throws to compliment the colours or textures in your existing scheme. I love this idea so much because once you are bored of using one throw, you can simply change it for a new one. I have a collection at home and I often just change them around and store the others away, maybe get out your light, pastel coloured throws for Spring and your darker more sumptuous throws for Winter. You will be amazed at how different your bed or sofa will look just by using this trick, honest!


This throw has it all, bright colour, striking pattern and textured giant pom poms, it works well to liven up this neutral chair


TEXTURE is set be a big trend this year, with the likes of global trend ambassador, Patti Carpenter, forecasting that “designers will be engaging their clients and customers on a textural level this year. It’s part of a larger macrotrend of comfort and having a place to rest in all the chaos and information we’re constantly having coming at us.” So why not try out this trend yourself with some beautifully textured throws..


Chunky knit throws are all about the texture



There are a vast array of throws to choose from, any colour, texture, style and detailing that you can imagine, so why not cleverly update a piece of furniture or breathe some life into a plain looking bed. Have fun with it and enjoy my lovelies.

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